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We are delighted to have developed a new and innovative programme Bounce Back America which intends to respond to the massive jobs losses that have taken place in the USA because of the COVID 19  Pandemic .

Working with a number of States we plan to establish a Bounce Back America Task Force consisting of State and Federal agencies supported by the private sector that will set targets to deliver options on a month to month basis.

The primary aim of Bounce Back America is to place jobseekers into work , we have a team of experts in the Human Resources and Placement Services areas .

Our team of Talent and Recruitment experts will provide jobseekers with a range of supports that will enable them to find that job.

In the first phase we plan 50 online seminars that will have inputs from our expert team and which will start the work of producing an individual job hunting plan for each registered candidate.

We will have employer contributions in each seminar and jobs on offer from employers currently recruiting .


Bounce Back America will also run virtual Job Fairs with 2000 jobseekers invited to participate online with interactive talks and interviews from,

. Employers

. Recruiters

. Training Advisors

. Education Specialists

. Interviews skills

. Job Hunting Incentives

. Start- Your -Own -Business

and more.

Each Jobseeker will have an online assessment carried out by Bounce Back America HR experts who will profile client and identify their skills and skill requirements and then refer them to training and education programmes as required.

Get involved in this exciting new programme today.