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As Coronavirus spreads out across the globe information on what to do and how to deal with the virus is in big demand .

Currently there are 85.418 cases and rising hourly with over 3000 deaths .In China there are 79,394 confirmed cases and 2,838 deaths outside of China there are 6009 confirmed cases in 53 countries with 86 deaths .

These figure are rising rapidly and will reach over 200,000 cases in 2 days .

The first death in the USA along with 30 fresh cases in the UK and the first ever case in the Republic of Ireland demonstrates how active this virus is .

While the WHO will not call it a Pandemic Back 4 Good and our subscriber base have long discussed Coronavirus as a Pandemic as our subscriber base have dealt with the virus since before Christmas and the good news is that it appears that the number of new cases in slowing down on a daily basis in China .

Our subscribers and followers are demanding a forum that offers independent advice on all aspect of the virus ,how to deal with it ,how it is expanding , where and when  and how to manage it if you are working or an employer .

With that in mind we have set up @coronavirustruth on Facebook which is a platform that our subscribers across the globe are contributing updates on an hourly basis .

Back 4 Good would like you to post on the page with information you receive in your country and with any new developments that may be of interest to your fellow subscribers .

Back 4 Good are sure that this virus will be managed in due course but until this happens we will continue with our indpenedent information service for you.