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This week was an amazing week for the development of vaccines to beat the COVID 19 virus with 2 candidates reporting 95% success rates and seeking FDA approval to bring their vaccines to Health Care Workers and Vulnerable people before Christmas .

We have developed a brand new logistics and online platform to ensure that the planning is ready for vaccines to be rolled out fast.


How we deliver these vaccines is now vital and the supply chain required is significant .The Pfizer BioTech Vaccine needs storage at 70 degrees while most traditional vaccines are stored at 20 degrees .

Delivering a Vaccine at such a low temperature this low requires special freezer units and will put a strain on cold chain capabilities of most transporters or distributors .

The capability of handling the vaccines at these temperatures is another key factor in distributing these vaccines.

What is required is a  Speed strategy for delivering and distribution of all COVID 19 vaccines .

Once a Vaccine is approved you have to implement the Vaccine Delivery strategy and roll out the Vaccine as soon as possible .

We have establish a unique strategy which will ensure a seamless delivery of Vaccines as they are approved .

We require a core team with expertise in,

. Supply Chain

. Logistics

. Marketing

. Transportation

. Distribution.

. Online Experts

and many more .

Contact logistics@covidvaccinedirect.com with your up to date CV and we will take it from there for you.