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Back 4 Good are embarking on our 10th annual Christmas talent drive under our unique bespoke tagline “Home for the holiday ? Why not stay ?

Back 4 Good has seen a significant increase in our global presence since our launch as a social media platform with just 2000 followers in Christmas 2009.

Back 4 Good now operates in over 140 countries across the globe with nearly 750,000 followers and subscribers .

We have created platforms to meet this demand in the following locations ,

. Back4good.org   USA and South America

. Back4good.ca    Canada

. Back4good.asia  Asia, Australia and New Zealand

. Back4good.ie   Europe and middle eat region.


Our platform provides independent advice and information on all aspects of living and working in your chosen location and our partners based in each location offer advice on,

. Careers and packages

. Property

. Education

. Finance and Banking

. Legal and Regulations

. Relocation

. Telecoms

. Pensions

. Lifestyle

and much more

This year Back 4 Good have assembled a top Global Talent Team consisting of experienced experts that will carry out our search and recruitment process delivering shortlisted candidates to matching jobs over the Christmas holiday.

We plan to roll out our campaign from the 8th December with a number of strategic marketing option utilised to reach our key audiences of skilled subscribers .

If your company or organisation are looking to find skilled talent to commence roles in January 2020 this is the campaign for you.

Contact greg@back4good.org today to sign up.