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Back 4 Good – Your future in America are working on a number of key assignments in many locations .We are sourcing contact tracers to reach out to  ( people ) contacts who have been exposed to COVID 19  .

We are compiling a panel of mobile Tracers to work in a number of key areas and locations .


. Initiate prompt communication with people exposed to COVID 19 through text, phone calls ,email and other communication platforms as necessary .Every effort should be made to communicate with the contact by telephone or video-conference instead of in-person.

. Notify the contact of their exposure to COVID 10 and advise on COVID 19 Health education based on supplied scripts .

. Obtain and document relevant information including contact demographics , underlying medical conditions and other risk factors .

. Provide approved information and guidance on quarantine procedures and what to do if symptoms develop .

. Coordinate referrals for testing ,healthcare and other support services ,as needed ,per local protocols

. Assess contact’s ability to safely and effectively quarantine at home .

. Identify barriers to necessary interventions and facilitate appropriate referrals per local protocols .

. Participate  in requisite training ,regular programme meetings and quality monitoring improvement activities in order to ensure and enhance the quality of contact notification activities and outcomes.


. Strong verbal and written communications skills . including active listening , emotional intelligence .

. Ability to interact in a non-judgemental manner with culturally diverse populations and persons experiencing a wide range of social conditions .

. Critical thinking and problem solving skills , and ability to use sound judgement in responding to client issues and concerns.

. Ability to read and write in English

. Ability to adapt to changing environments and receive constructive feedback,

Ability to use discretion , maintain confidentiality and ethical conduct .

. Ability to work effectively with all levels of staff .

. Ability to work independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team.

. Proficiency with use of computers

. Proficiency in MS Office 365


Preferred Qualifications 

. Experience conducting telephone -based or in-person interview ,data collection and data entry preferred .

. Experience with Health education ,community outreach ,linkages to care ,social services and other public health services .

. Bilingual skills – fluency in the primary languages of the geographic area and communities assigned to support .

Back 4 Good are pulling together a panel of contact tracers that will be mobile and flexible working in various locations .

If this roles appeals to you send your updated cv to contacttracing@back4good.org today and we will take it from there for you .