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Your future in Baltimore

Baltimore is the largest city in State of Maryland.

Maryland and Baltimore employers are struggling to find skilled professionals in all sectors .In the past year ,565 of businesses had difficulties finding workers with the skills necessary to fill specific job opportunities.

Baltimore often dubbed the “city of neighbourhoods ” as it has 100s of identified districts.

Baltimore was once a predominantly a industrial town with a economic focus on steel processing, shipping and auto manufacturing. More recently the city has moved away from this focus and now is a services driven location.

Downtown Baltimore is the primary economic asset within Baltimore city with over 29million square feet of office space.

The Tech sector is rapidly expanding as the Baltimore metro ranks 8th in the CRBE Talent report among 50 US metro areas for high growth rates and the number of Tech professionals.

Forbes have ranked Baltimore fourth among America’s new Tech hot spots.

In the construction sector a significant skills shortage exists with labour sgoirtgaes in the traditional trades and huge demand for construction professionals.

The manufacturing sector along with healthcare and Financial Services have 100s of unfilled roles on their books.

As employers find it increasingly difficult to fill roles they have looked at the Baltimore diaspora and those who departed the city when time where tough.

Back 4 Good – Your future in Baltimore is reaching out to this talent pool with an invitation to come back to Baltimore to live and work.

If you are interested in finding out more send your details to info@back4good.org and we will take it for there for you.

For employers and organisations in Baltimore who wish to get involved in this unique program contact Back 4 Good today.