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Your future in Dallas – Forth Worth

Dallas is a modern metropolis in north Texas. It is a commercial and cultural hub of the region.

Dallas is the most populated city in Dallas – Forth Worth and the fourth most populous city in the United States.

The city is famous as a centre of oil, gas and cotton industries.

Dallas is suffering a significant skills shortage with roles available in all occupations. Labour demand far exceeds supply in Dallas – Forth Worth and the Homeland Security and Labor Department recently announced a one-time increase in H -2B visas bringing the number of visas up to nearly 100,000 a year.

This increase is directly as a result of the skills shortage in ICT and Construction in particular.
Of the 245,000 construction workers in Dallas, 89% are of Mexican origin with about 50% of all Texas construction workers undocumented.

Along with the shortages in construction there is a high demand for middle-skill workers in the Healthcare and information technology sectors. There are over 1 million middle-skill jobs currently in the Dallas Forth-Worth region. These occupations represent nearly 30% of all jobs on offer.

Job growth in Healthcare is expected to reach over 5% pa and ICT will rise by more.

Among the most scarce skills in the Dallas – Forth Worth region are.

  • Healthcare Management
  • Non-Profit, Fundraising and Grant making
  • Mental Health and Psychotherapy
  • Web and Graphical Design
  • Real Estate
  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
  • Electricity Power Generation and Management
  • Food and Beverage
  • Education and Training
  • Marketing and Event Management

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