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Your future in Seattle


Seattle is a unique city in the northwest of the USA surrounded by water,mountains and evergreen forests and contains thousands of acres of parkland.

Washington State largest city is home to a large tech industry with Microsoft and Amazon headquartered in its metropolitan area.

The futuristic Space Needle, a 1962 World’s fair legacy is its most iconic landmark.

Seattle has a noteworthy musical history. From 1918 to 1951 nearly two dozen jazz nightclubs existed along Jackson Street with the early careers of Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Ernestine Anderson all starting out in the city.

Seattle’s economy is driven by a mix of older industrial companies and “new economy” Internet and Technology companies, service, design and clean technology companies.

The port of Seattle is a major gateway for trade with Asia and cruises to Alaska and the 8th largest port in the USA.

4 companies on the fortune 500 list headquartered in Seattle are internet retailer Amazon, coffee chain Starbucks, department store Nordstrom and freight forwarder Expeditors.

Seattle is currently experiencing a major Talent shortage with Multinationals and Start-ups battling for Talent. Seattle is in a Tech boom and at any onetime there are more than 25,000 open jobs in Washington and Seattle with 90% of these jobs in health care and science, technology and engineering fields.

It is estimated that each year there are 3,000 a person shortage in filling core technology jobs such as software developers and engineers.

Seattle is a candidate market and companies are offering a vast range of incentives to Talented candidates. They are aware that it is now not just the name or employer brand that matters.

Compensation is strong along with benefits including pensions and health insurance and Talented candidates are picking their employers carefully selecting firms that are leading in their field.

Netflix raised the bar for benefits recently when they offered employees up to one year off for parental leave.

Not wanting to be out done, Microsoft, Amazon.com and several other companies followed suit and boosted their parental leave.

As a result of this battle Seattle is calling its people back home for good and if you want to live and work in Seattle or if you want to take up one of the many excellent roles available register your expression of interest today on Back 4 Good -Your future in Seattle  email info@back4good.org and we will take it from there for you.

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