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Back 4 Good Your future in America has received strong interest from US professionals overseas to get involved in developing businesses in the own City or State .

Our subscribers -the returning Americans are keen to have a positive effect on their country and are motivated by a desire to contribute to job creation and economic growth .

As Back 4 Good – Your future in America evolves we are tasked with ensuring that these new overseas entrepreneurs gain the supports they need to make a significant contribution to America

Back 4 Good – Your Future in America have developed a number of unique supports for the diaspora entrepreneurs including ,

. Networking
. Mentoring
. Training options
. Human Resources
. Investment Advice
. Property and locations
. Information on venture capital and companies .
. Partnership advice.

We are working on developing a number of pilot projects which will bring US citizens and businesses here in America together with US citizens abroad for business related purposes including partnerships , investment and Joint Ventures .

We are also promoting the provision of matching funding by Government, at both federal and State level.

America has an excellent opportunity to capitalise on our diaspora in a meaningful way and we must reach out with a very warm welcome and make sure we remove obstacles to diaspora entrepreneurship.

If you wish to get involve in our Diaspora Invest programme email diasporainvest@back4good.org today