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Some exciting developments on the jobs front in Pittsburgh a city that was once famous for economic decline has made a significant comeback .

The strong rise in demand and growth is driven by a thriving construction sector with solid demand for residential and commercial buildings .

Since 2008 Pittsburgh has completed $5 billion in new construction with another $4 billion in construction underway or in the pipeline .


These figures have resulted in a significant shortage of skilled workers in the city with a concern that some of the major construction projects maybe stalled as a result .

Indeed the situation is now so acute that the Mayor of the city has issued executive orders one of which has called for a new construction industry partnership to support recruitment efforts .

The new partnership is attempting to identify solutions  that will deliver 1000s of skilled construction workers to the city .

In addition to its burgeoning construction industry ,Pittsburgh is established as one of as a High -Tech ,advanced manufacturing city with world class research institutions  Demand for skilled ICT workers is also at an all time high.

Back 4 Good – Your future in Pittsburgh has had requests to examine bringing our unique concept to the city and we plan to launch our programme in December 2019 .

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