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As part of our ongoing strategy to source talented and mobile professionals and match them with roles in various locations we are particularly please that over 5000 people  from our subscriber base have registered with us looking for remote roles in their chosen town city or country .

During our weekly engagement and newsletter feedback more and more skilled workers are turning to remote work and we are delighted that there are no shortage of opportunities in all sectors and occupations .

The idea of working from home and in an environment that allows you start the working day without the hassle of getting stuck in traffic for hours with driving to work and returning home from work is a very attractive proposition and is now available throughout the Back 4 Good network .

Of course a key factor communicated to Back 4 Good from our subscribers was a full work life balance .

We are advising subscribers to look at amending their cvs if they are keen on remote working .

For employers remote working is a cost effective measure and some reports  indicate that remote workers save an estimated $20,000 per employee in operating expenses and remote workers are 13% more efficient  and productive  compared to workers in similar  roles.

Our clients at Back 4 Good have many roles on offer including ,

. Full Stack Developers

. Senior Back-End Developer

. Senior Content Strategists

. Site Reliability Engineers

. Recruitment Consultants

. Accountants

. Sales Operators

. Data Specialists

. Product Designers

and many more .

If you are interested in exploring opportunities through remote working or if you are looking to hire remote workers contact chloe@back4good.ie today