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The US added 196.000 jobs in March following its largest drop on job numbers in February and the USA has now added jobs for 102 months in a row which is a record high with the unemployment rate running at 3.8% the lowest since the late 1960s.

These figures have compounded the skills shortages issue in America with US firms looking for candidates with a range of skills that do not exist within the local talent pool .

In the ICT sector the skills in big demand include ,

. Computer System Analysts
. Web Developers
. Computer Network Architects
. Lead AI Engineers
. Software Engineers

In the non – ICT sector skills in top demand today include

. Accountants
. Auditors
. Market Research Analysts
. Marketing Specialists
. Human Resource Managers
. Training Specialists
. Mechanical Engineers
. Sales Reps
. Chefs
. Carpenters
. Mechanics
. Bar Tenders

and much more.

At Back 4 Good – Your future in America we are working with local partners in attempting to address these skills shortages and have a number of exciting roles with very attractive packages on our platform .

We are looking for a number of qualified Paid Search Specialists for a New York based firm, successful candidates will be responsible for the strategy and efficient day-to-day management of assigned clients accounts, focusing on gross product growth .You will need 4 years plus experience in digital marketing account management and an in-depth knowledge of the technologies and processes involved in running search media campaigns.

Another exciting role is Lead Software Engineer in Augmented Reality , you will require 8-10 years experience with top notch programming skills in mobile apps, and backend & cloud services with a BS or MS in Computer Science . This role is on offer with a solid package and equity.

In the 3 D world we are looking for an 3 D Operations Analyst in Boston who has 4 years with STEM or business concentration and 2 years experience in process improvement roles and you must be a analytical problem solver with the ability to find creative solutions .

As the USA labour market tightens and skills shortages become more acute Back 4 Good- Your future in America will expand our concept into each State, City, Town and village across the USA with a simple invitation to come back to America for your own good and for America’s good.