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New York suffered greatly during the pandemic with over 21,000 people dying with the city death toll accounting for roughly one in five of the 110,000 coronavirus deaths across the USA .

Between 200,000 and 400,000 workers were expected to return to work this week as the city entered Phase 1 of its reopening

In Philadelphia the city is moving from red to yellow under the stop light return that  the city created with big firms like Macy’s opening up one of its stores on Friday. to bring to 11 stores open in the yellow phase.

18 counties  that were in strict lockdown  have moved into the yellow phase for June 5 and progress on reopening across the State is moving in a very positive direction.

In Massachusetts positive developments have taking place about reopening the State with phase 2 of the reopening starting on Monday allowing many more businesses to open their doors ,including Malls. restaurants ( for outdoor dining ) and Hotels.

Patients requiring preventive healthcare services will also be able to schedule appointments again.

As we head into the next  reopening phases across all cities in the USA businesses are starting to reach out and work together to ensure that they create offers that will entice back customers to their stores and hospitality venues and programs such as Bounce Back America is on hand to create partnerships that will increase trade and commerce .